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Do you ever get the overwhelming feeling that time is passing insanely quickly and you almost have nothing to show for it? Over the past few weeks I feel as though I’ve constantly been occupied on things such as finalising university plans, getting a new job and just dealing with my life and having a bit of a mental clear out.

I’ve had a series of blog posts lined up that I intended on completing and posting in the previous weeks, some of the blog posts being really exciting and interesting and more music orientated which is a direction I really want to push my blog towards.  I think sometimes it’s really easy to let yourself be pulled with the currents of life rather than taking a step back and actually and do the little things that come overshadowed by the bigger things.

My blog being one of those little things that has been neglected over the past few weeks. However my blog is like my child in a sense, I want everything that is posted onto it to be of a decent quality and express my opinions and ideas in a good light, rather than just posting anything for posting sake.

I feel as though my little break has made me realise how much time and effort I do usually put into my blog and lately all that time and effort has gone into working full time in order to save for University, which although sounds like nothing but in the grand scheme of things it’s those expected everyday things that tire me out and stop me from doing something that I love. But at the end of the day it’s comforting to know that my blog is my own little save haven, somewhere I can give myself a voice, rather than blending in with everyday life.

I apologise for my lack of posts and I do hope you can still continue to enjoy my blog posts, as I pinky promise there will be a lot more anticipated blog posts coming your way!


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  • Bess Oates
    September 17, 2014

    glad to see you're back, hope you have a smooth start into uni! :-)http://bsarahoates.blogspot.co.uk

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