Single Review: Acrimony / Room For Rent

 Jonathan Gibson – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals, Ryan Culshaw – Rhythm Guitar, Jay Denham – Vocals, Vincent Riozzi – Bass, Jack Robertson – Drums / Baking Vocals

Room For Rent are a 5 piece experimental Rock band, influenced by highly praised bands such as; Peace, Foals and Catfish and The Bottleman, however I think their new single ‘Acrimony’ strays away from that niche selection of influences and is significantly their own.

I think sometimes bands that are experimenting with gritty guitar riffs as well as a leading drum line, they can sound a bit unpleasant and badly put together. However I think ‘Acrimony’ is an all round very well put together track. The single is unmistakably a Pick ‘n’ Mix for the ears, in a way that you don’t know what you’re getting. It’s almost as though we’re the guinea pigs of their experiment, the tempo changes throughout, it’s softer in some parts, there’s build ups and comedowns – It’s as though each time I listen I notice something different about the track.

I definitely detected a flavouring of Arctic Monkeys when listening to the track, the breakdown really reminded me of ‘Dancing Shoes.’ However I think it’s hard to find any adolescent band that isn’t influenced by Arctic Monkeys in someway.  I admired the small element of surprise with the track, just as you expect it to end an extra few penny sweets are added to the Pick ‘n’ Mix and the song continues, however completely stripped back to guitar and drums, gradually increasing volume and intensity.

I think it’s remarkably common for unsigned bands to fall within the guidelines of completely unoriginal, almost copy cat bands of their said influences, but with Room for Rent their influences have just been taken into account when creating their own sound, which I think they’ve unquestionably pulled off.

My Mystic Meg physic senses tell me there’s a promising future for the band, especially considering they’ve previously supported crowd pleasing bands such as, JAWS, Dexters, Dog Is Dead and even Catfish & the Bottlemen. If that’s not a good start to their career than I really don’t know what is.

‘Acrimony’ is now available to download on iTunes –  Download Here

Watch the music video here- Watch Video

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