A Thank You From The Bottom Of My Blog

Today, August 6th 2014 is the one year Blog-eversary of Abigail Bunny.  It’s genuinely so bizarre to think tat I’ve been blogging for a year. In ways it feels like I’ve been blogging a lot longer, and in ways it feels as though I’ve only been aimlessly typing my thoughts onto the internet for a few short weeks.

I had been debating whether or not to start a blog for years before I actually did. I think back then the fear of people judging me overshadowed my desire to start a blog. I often get asked by people ‘What made you start a blog?” and my answer is “Someone told me to do it”. That’s the truth, I did it because someone told me to. I think that’s exactly what I needed, the fact that someone else had accepted the idea that I should start a blog really gave me the push and drive to start Abigail Bunny.

Although on the grand-schme of things I’m certainly a nobody in comparison to well established bloggers, however I think especially recently that my blog has really started to excel. Over the past few months I’ve started to gain more and more followers on Bloglovin as well as receiving some really kind compliments from readers on instagram, YouTube and even my blog posts. It’s such an indescribable feeling to have people appreciate and enjoy something you do out of interest and boredom. I actually can’t thank you all enough.

My advice to people who are wanting to start a blog is just DO IT! I found at first that it would be best for me to stick to the popular niche of blogging which is Fashion and Beauty. Although I utterly adore fashion and beauty, it’s not what I wanted to be the foundations on my blog. I wanted my blog to literally be everything I’m interested in written out to be enjoyed. That’s why I blog about; Music, Beauty, Fashion, Films and even Lifestyle. I think to make a blog work it has to be the epitome of who you are, that’s whats going to make your blog unique. Nobody is going to want to read your blog if it has the same views and content of somebody else’s. What I’m trying to say is, don’t let the established bloggers imitate you. Even at time I think ‘My blog is never going to get that big’ and it is a horrible feeling. However recently I’ve began to think ‘So what?’ at least the people who are reading my blog enjoy reading it, that’s what makes me want to continue blogging.

Although I feel as though this week I should be both internally and externally happy, with getting the grades I needed to get into University and being Abigail Bunny for a year. However on Monday my iddlic Mini Lop Bunny Poppy, unexpectedly had to be put to sleep. Although I’m nearly 19 years old, I was absolutely devastated. I know their are people who have lost their parents, friends and family members and I’m remarkably lucky that it wasn’t a death of that kind, however I put so much of my time into looking after Poppy and it’s such a numb feeling to watch such a loving animal have to be put down at such a young age. Abigail bunny is now Abigail Bunny-less.

I shall conclude my saying (well, typing) a MASSIVE thank you to anyone who is reading this post or has read any of my other posts. Thank you so so so much! I can’t fathom into words how grateful I am for all of my readers and how excited I am for the future of this blog!



  • Bess Oates
    August 7, 2014

    I've not been reading your blog for very long but I love it, and congratulations on a year!http://bsarahoates.blogspot.co.uk

    • Abigail Whitehead
      Bess Oates
      August 7, 2014

      Aw! Thank you! I love your blog too!

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