Wear What You Want

I often wake up disappointed as my dream of waking up and being a 50’s movie star never quite come true. I think the good thing about modern style is that everyone is becoming more welcoming towards the unique and the eccentric, styles from all decades are being incorporated into today’s wardrobes, high street and high end stores.

I know it’s all but tempting to follow the crowds and wear what everyone else is wearing to save the aggro of being judged or looked at weirdly, but I think everyone is entitled to express themselves through their clothing. Even if you’re not the most confident person in the world, play a character! If you dress like you’re confident, then you will feel confident. What can possibly be more liberating to wear exactly what you want and feel amazing whilst you do so? I mean, I’m not saying run around naked and grow your hair out and frolic in a field of uncut grass and wild flowers. I’m just saying, we all look at clothes and think “I’d love to wear that, but I’d never pull it off.” Go and try it on, you’re the only one holding yourself back! If other people care so much about judging what you’re wearing negatively rather than allowing you to embrace your individuality, than it says an awful lot about that person to judge someone for embracing and expressing themselves.

Unfortunately I’m not Gok Wan and I don’t obtain the knowledge to give tailored advice about what clothes you should be wearing and how they will enhance your body shade and compliment and create curves. However I think at the end of the day if you want to wear baggy tshirts and linen pants with thick socks and sandals, then do it. If people laugh, then so what. They’re not wearing it therefore it’s not their problem.

Even though I hope and I dream that I could experience the 60’s and watch the style revolution before my very eyes, unfortunately that’s physically  impossible, but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the era and take style inspirations from iconic women such as: Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Pauline Stone,Jane Birkin or even Twiggy. By taking inspiration from these iconic women that I completely adore doesn’t mean that I’m going to immediate them, I’m simply going to incorporate essences of their style into my own.

The point of this blog post is to simply express my feelings towards people who have the tendency to judge other peoples clothing. Wear what you want! it doesn’t matter if you want to dress like a victorian, just do it! Who cares? If that’s who you are than express it. In an ever-changing society we should be used to individuality. You might not be wearing the latest trends that the Fashion Industry deems to be trendy, but how about we all just wear out own trends (too cheesy?)


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