Body Shop Honey Bronzer Appreciation

Let’s all take a moment out of a busy lives to appreciate a good contour powder. It was as though the heavens opened and gave me the product that I’d been searching for – The contour powder that actually matched my skin tone- Hallelujah! 

I feel as though I constantly rant on about #PaleProbs (Yes I did just hashtag) however I’m sure if you’re pale too, you have the issue of not being able to find a bronzer that compliments your skin tone, rather than it being too dark or too orange and muddy. My faith has been well and truly restored after getting my pale little hands on the Body Shop Honey Bronzer. 

It’s probably pretty clear throughout my Blog posts that pretty much anything Estee (essiebutton) recommends I will most likely buy, however the woman is a god sent for introducing this powder into my life. Any way, enough about my undying love for this powder with no explanation, it’s time for the technical bits (not technical at all) 

The powders glides onto the face with pure ease. Although its a pressed powder, it has such a beautiful and natural finish, which I think can be hard to come across in the crazy, crazy bronzer world. The powder comes in a range of colours so even though I’m pale, I’m sure there would be a shade for you, especially if you’re looking for a top quality powder as cheap as chips. 

Although I use the powder to warm up my complexion, the colour is swaying towards the cool brown side, which I think is what makes it looks so natural. I find sometimes that warmer toned bronzer can appear more orange on the skin,  and they tend to look completely ridiculous against my fleshy pink skin. I use the Sephora PRO Contour – Blush Contour 74 brush to apply to my cheekbones, jawline and temples, contouring really helps in creating another dimension to the face, as well as warming it up and adding ounces of life to your face. 

If you haven’t got your hands on this powder, I highly recommend that you do so, especially before I turn psychopathic and buy every single one to cure my pale skin blues. The secret is out, bronze it up fellow pale folk. 





    July 5, 2014

    Ive heard a lot about this bronzer, did you buy the lightest shade?

  • Abigail Whitehead
    July 5, 2014

    Yep I got the lightest shade 01, it's so lovely and it's not expensive either x

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