Springs Bene-needs

 It’s indeed a crime to stroll past a BeautyBazaar and not go in, especially on pay day. I thought I’d treat myself my dull skin with some brightening benefit purchases. I tend to have oily skin coming into the Spring and Summer months, so I matte foundation is a must, however I find that my skin ends up looking dull and flat and I’ve been on the hunt for something that will brighten my skin up, as well as compliment my fair complexion.

I’m definitely the type of girl who sticks to what they know when it comes to making beauty purchases, and for face products I usually tend to edge towards MAC or Nars, but this time i restrained myself and visited the Benefit counter.

I’ve tried the Benefit ‘Girl Meets Pearl’ liquid highlighter and liked it, however I found that sometimes it just looked to golden for my skin and looked a bit silly. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about ‘High Beam’ and after trying it at the counter I have completely fallen in love. It is the perfect highlighter for my complexion as its a more silver shimmer than gold and the pink tone complements my naturally flushed cheeks and looks really natural.

I usually tend to use powder highlighters as they’re practically fool proof, but I think that High Beam will really illuminate my complexion in comparison to powder highlights, which tend to just sit on the top of the skin and fade really easily. I think the lasting power of a liquid highlighter, which feels as though it’s actually sinking into my skin will be much greater. High Beam is definitely worth the money, I can see it lasting me a very long time.

The Rockateur blush is one of benefits newest blushes, and although it’s the newest its definitely the most talked bout blusher in their collection. Personally I have never tried any of the benefit blushers before so I’m unable to compare it to any others, however I’m so happy that I’ve started off with this blusher, as it’s just beautiful! 

The colour of this blusher is what I can only compare to rose gold (who doesn’t love a bit of rose gold?) I originally though that due to the golden tones in the blush that it just wouldn’t look right on my skin, and look as though I’ve went a bit bronzer happy, however I find that the rose tones to the blusher make it look so natural and the perfect combination of both contour and blush. I think you could definitely get away with using this product as both a contour and blush if you’re fair skinned like me, but if you have more of a tan, I still think this would look natural, with a bit of a rose flush. 


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