Spring Playlist

I thought I’d bring back my Seasonly playlists as last years Summer playlist was only my second blog post and went down reasonably well, and I feel as though I’ve gotten into a lot of other bands and artists (basically all bands) since my last post. These songs are in no particular order, I’ve tried to mix them up from the more heavier sounds to the more light and floaty sounds that I tend to listen to a lot more as the weather starts to get warmer. Which is probably strange but I feel as though softer songs are just so relaxing towards this time of year, with end of the academic year exams approaching as well as university.  

Cage The Elephant / Come A Little Closer 

Cage The Elephant are a bad that I tend to stray from but always come back to. I think it was the music video for their song ‘Aberdeen’ that really gets me because It’s just so good and pulls on my heartstrings in every possible direction. ‘Come A Little Closer’ is such a beautiful mixture of soft and heavy,  almost soothing in a bizarre way. 

Phoenix / Fences

Phoenix as a band in general are what i class as a ‘Summer Band’ in a sense. They’re hard to describe without describing them to be really strange. They’re like a concoction of soft Electronic and Pop with a hint of Rock. That’s the best possible way I can describe their sound without making up my own words or using floaty hand gestures. If you’re looking for a feel good song I would reccomened Fences as you can’t feel anything but happy when you listen to it. 

Stealing Sheep / Shut Eye 

Stealing Sheep are once again a really addictive band in the Summer. A trio of beautiful harmonies practically serenading your ears. Shut Eye is probably my favourite song my Stealing Sheep, I really like the rhythm of it. It kind of makes me want to run through a field of over grown grass (You should listen to it and agree so I sound less pathetic)

JAWS / Stay In 

JAWS are kind of on the same wavelength of sound with Phoenix. Just the sound of an upbeat guitar riff and a steady drum beat with dreary vocals are a weirdly pleasant combination. It builds up to a nice heavier drum beat towards the end of the song which I really like in softer songs, it just adds something extra without turning the song into something completely different or overpowering the original softness of the song. 

Miles Kane and The Death Ramps / Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)

After seeing Miles Kane twice last month I have no choice to be obsessed with this song. I’d never heard this song preformed live before, on the first night of seeing hum I had no idea he was going to perform it so I got a bit to over excited to the point that I can’t actually remember it. The Death Ramps being the Arctic Monkeys, in case you didn’t know. So the combination of my favourite band and my favourite Wirral riddler has got to be a goodun. 

SkATERS / I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)

I don’t know whether it’s just me or this song weirdly reminds me of The Ramones.  However way less rocky and more electronic (Sorry to keep explaining everything as ‘Electronic’ but when it comes to explaining why I like songs it is difficult for me to explain without saying ‘ i just like it ‘) Anyway I really like Skaters. Good music and good album artwork so what’s not to like?! 

The Wytches / Beehive Queen 

I wasn’t initially very into The Wytches, but after being practically brain washed with them the last few months, I’ve actually really begun to enjoy their music. I wouldn’t say it’s very ‘Spring’ or happy. Their sound is generally quite dreary and heavy yet soothing. Once again I struggle to explain the sound of a band without completely contradicting myself. Beehive Queen is by far my favourite as it’s a bit more up-beat than some of their other songs and I weirdly like the lead singers Christian’s voice on this particular song

The Family Rain / Reasons To Die 

I’ve literally been obsessed with listening to their album ‘Under The Volcano’ ever since it was realised at the beginning of this year. ‘Reasons To Die’ is probably one of my favourites along side “Carnival’ and “Feel Better (FRANK)”. I think the main guitar riff in this song is extremely similar to the riff in ‘R U Mine’ by Arctic Monkeys, but once again I’m probably just imagining things. I would recommend their album on a whole from Spring, it’s a really nice mix of soft and upbeat.

Beach House / Zebra 

Beach House are the definition of soft music.  All of their songs make me feel like swimming underwater in slow motion. They’re so soothing and simple, and there’s something really beautiful about their music. Zebra is probably one of my favourites, it almost reminds me of a lullaby, I think that’s why I find myself listening to it on repeat, it just completely puts my head in a relaxed frame of mind. All of Beech House’s albums obtain a soft, floaty sound which is just incredible and I’d definitely recommend a listen




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