It’s All About The Brows

Filling in my eyebrows are an essential for my everyday make-up, a bold brow just adds to much definition to your facial shape as well as helping to intensify any look.  Finding good eyebrows products that don’t break the bank is difficult and I’ve tried many, here are some of my cheapest eyebrow finds and what I think of them, both good and bad.

 HD Brows Foxy Eye Palette  

This HD Brows palette is one of the most expensive Brow pallets in my little collection, retailing at £19.99 at the cheapest, however it is by the best.  I think you definitely get your moneys worth when it comes to this Palettes like this as it can double as an eye-shadow palette.  As you can tell this palette is well loved. It comes with a matte white highlighter shade, a matte black and two matte brown shades, however one is slightly darker. I think this palette is really worth it for those of you who colour your hair a-lot as each of the shades could easily be used for different hair tones and colours.  I use a Sephora angled brow brush and feather the product through my eyebrows with tiny strokes so they look a lot more natural. An angled brush is perfect for creating precise lines when shaping and filling in the eyebrows.

MUA Brow Palette 

This product should definitely be more expensive, especially considering how good it is and the tools that come with it.  I bought this in Superdrug last year for £3 and it’s absolutely amazing! Like the HD Brows palette, it comes with a highlighter shade,  and two matte brown shades for brown and blonde hair. However unlike the HD Brows palette you get a clear wax. The wax is probably one of the best things about the palette, you can obviously tell as I’ve used it a lot more than the rest of shades in the palette. After filling in my eyebrows (the same way I would with the HD Brows palette) I take some of the wax on a different angled brush as lightly feather it through my eyebrows. The wax works as a set to ensure that the powder stays put for the rest of the day, however it makes the eyebrows look so much more natural. I’d definitely recommend trying this product if you’re considering purchasing the HD Brows palette as it’s amazing value for money.

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff  – Whats Nude?

This eye-shadow quad isn’t necessarily marketed as a product for your eyebrows, however the warm brown matte shade in the palette is such a beautiful shade for filling in those eyebrows. I think the colour would work for blonde to brown, depending on your own preferences. This shade is remarkably similar to MAC’s Charcoal brown, however it’s more of a warm tone brown than a dark tone brown, which is probably why it works really well with blonde and light brown hair. If you’re looking for a good little natural quad and don’t want to spend an awful lot, i’d recommend this palette, you can’t argue with the £10 price and such versatile and highly pigmented colours. 

Maybelline Brown Drama – Dark Brown

This is probably the best brow product for quickness. You literally just brush  the applicator through your bores and they’re instantly filled in and shaped perfectly. If you go for a bold brow but you like it to look really natural, this is the perfect product for you.  The formula is almost mascara like, however it’s rather fine in constancy compared to mascara. The formula works really well at just defining the actual hairs of your eyebrows, so if you tend to overdraw your eyebrows to create a different shape, i wouldn’t recommend this product as it not really an eyebrow filler, more of a definer to make the eyebrows more dramatic. 

Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil 

Eyebrow pencils were my first ever discovery when it comes to filling in eyebrows. The only problem that I have with eyebrows pencil is that sometimes they can have orange tones running through the brown, which doesn’t look good with my platinum blonde hair at all. So I’d definitely have an intense shop around with different colours before deciding on one for definite. Sometimes with eyebrow pencils it’s better to go for s shade darker than you usually would to avoid the awful orange tinge that’s usually in the lighter brown shades.  This isn’t my favourite eyebrow product, however it’s a good way to start as they’re really inexpensive so you’re not really loosing much if it’s not the right colour.





  • Chloe B
    April 6, 2014

    I nominated you for a liebster award! check out my blog

  • Rebecca
    April 6, 2014

    I currently use Benefit's Brow Zings, but I'm intrigued by the MUA palette, it's so good for the price! xx Rebecca – UK fashion blog

  • Abigail Whitehead
    April 6, 2014

    Brow Zings is really good! But sometimes you can find products really similar for three quarters of the price! xx

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