The Gingham Trend

The Gingham Trend is the ‘must have’ trend of the Spring. I’d say that it’s definitely a Marmite pattern, you either love it or hate it, and personally I love it.

When browsing the internet to find the perfect Gingham piece for my lacking Spring wardrobe, Topshop and Urban Outfitters really stood out for me. Although Topshop is a hit and miss with it’s prices, their Gingham items are really affordable and can be styled with pastel colours to add to the Spring feel. The Gingham dress is definitely a need and will certainly be my first purchase when pay day comes around!

Urban Outfitters can be ridiculously expensive and kind of makes me cry a little. I absolutely adore some of the dresses that Urban Outfitters sells coming around to the Spring and Summer months, however they damage the pocket immensely, their items from the Coperative fashion range are an amazing quality compared to the other brands sold at Urban Outfitters.  I find myself looking at their site everyday taking mental notes of what i want to buy.

Although I find Topshop more affordable and efficient for my Petiteness, I think I’m going to side with Urban Outfitters. Although they’re a bucket load more expensive I just can’t help but be madly, deeply and truly in love with their Gingham pieces and i’m excited to get my Gingham-less hands on some of their little gems for the Spring!




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