Skin Care Miracle / Tarte – Bright By Night

I’m definitely far from a skin care fanatic. I’m the type of person who tries to keep up a skin care routine, but get’s lazy and results to harshly rubbing my face with a cheap cleansing wipe to ensure minimum effort. However a recent trip to America has opened my eyes to the holy grail skin care duo.  

There’s nothing I regret more than only purchasing the sample sizes of these products as I’d not heard very much about them and was extremely sceptical, however the packing was cute so it all made sense. 

The set came with the Tarte Maracuja C Brightening Eye Treatment, which is a really creamy and rich serum. I use this under my eyes and towards my temples as well as some of the lids and just onto the brow bone. Although I don’t have terribly bad dark circles beneath my eyes, I’ve found that this product has helped me to look 100x more awake due to brightening around my eyes, and almost reflecting any shadows away. Anything that makes you look more awake is more than a God sent, considering a lot of my morning start involuntarily early. 

THIS is THE product that everyone needs. I found the concept of putting Oil onto my face a little bit grotesque, however I’m literally obsessed with this product and can’t put into words how much it has benefited my face in various ways. I was really reluctant on using this product, but I was beginning to get intensively dry around my nose and applying make-up over such a dry area of my skin was making it so much worse. Deciding to try this product was the best decision I’ve made in years. After using the oil before I went to bed, I woke-up and my skin was completely smooth and full of moisture, you couldn’t even tell I’d had such dry skin the day before. 

Although these products aren’t available in the U.K Tarte is releasing some of their products onto QVC this Spring / Summer, so I’d definitely keep my eyes open for that. If you really can’t wait then I’d recombined creating a Sephora account and getting it shipped over, although it might be a little bit more expensive to get it shipped over, it’s SO worth it! 





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    March 21, 2014

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    March 22, 2014

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