Pick Of The Week – The Grand Budapest Hotel

I recently had the privilege to attend a preview screening of Wes Anderson’s new masterpiece, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’. As a lover of Wes Anderson’s work, I had high expectations for The Grand Budapest, however my expectations where wrapped up in a perfect parcel and marvellously ripped into confetti and thrown over my head as I watched in complete awe.  Wes Anderson has done it again. Well and truly over exceeded my expectations. 

The film is released in various cinemas across the U.K this upcoming Friday (7th March) and I cannot recommend this film enough. It’s funny, beautiful, action packed and completely breathtaking. Even if you’ve never seen any of Anderson’s previous films, after seeing this you will become completely infatuated with his work (I hope) 

This isn’t a review of the film, it’s simply a recommendation upon my opinions of the film. 

If my points so far haven’t incised you into going to see the film, then let’s just have an honourable mention to Ralph Fiennes performance as M.Gustave. I cannot imagine any other actor playing this role the way he did. I literally cannot fathom words to how well Fiennes plays Gustave. He’s charming, hilarious and certainly one of those characters who can fuck everyone over but you can’t help but love.

Everything about this film is completely memorising, from the leading and supporting performances to the story line and the spectacular and classic Wes Anderson cinematic style. I just cannot recommend this film enough, and I think I’ve already said that in the post..

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as this isn’t my usual blog forte, however I thought I”d recommend something a little bit different.


Abigail x


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