Top 5 MAC Lipsticks For Day and Night

As my last lipstick post went down a treat, I decided to painfully select my 5 favourite MAC lipsticks from the nude to the noticeable.  These lipsticks vary from Matte to Creme sheen so there’s sure to be one suited for your lipstick taste.

1) Creme Cup // MAC Creme Sheen

This is the perfect everyday pink nude. I think it would suite most skin types considering it’s a pink nude which makes it a lot more versatile when it comes to skin types. I’m usually not a massive fan on MAC’s Creme Sheen range as I like my lipsticks to be rather heavily pigmented and I find that the Creme Sheen’s can lack colour, however this shade is really true to the swatch and how it appears in the tube. This shade is also beautiful when paired with a brown smokey eye for a really effortless and girly evening look

I was never a massive fan of pale pink lipsticks until I cam across Creme Cup, as I found they washed me out and made me look almost ill due to my extremely pale complexion. So if you’re like me and blend in with white bed sheets then I would definitely recommend this lipstick, especially if you’re not into Matte lipsticks and want something that is a lot glossier and wearable. 

2) Craving // MAC Amplified Lipstick 

Craving is a recent love of mine which I certainly ‘crave’.  My taste in lipstick has always been red or purple and quite vampy and dark, I’ve always shied away from pinks as I thought they just made me look laughably ridiculous or a Barbie wannabe due to my blonde hair. However Craving has change my perception on pink lipsticks. It’s a beautiful concoction of mauve pink and purple, thus creating the most beautiful pink known to man. 

I think this lipstick would work very well for people that are fans of nude lipsticks but interested in trying more bold lip colours. It’s a perfect substitute  to red and purple which are usually my go to colours.  Once again it’s a lipstick that puts a bit of life into day make-up which can be transitioned into a beautiful evening lip look. 

3) Russian Red / MAC Matte 

I’ve spoken about Russian Red on my previous lipstick post, but it’s just the most perfect red. Usually Matte lipsticks can intensively dry my lips out and cling to the dry parts of my lips, making it looks terribly patchy and uneven. However Russian Red is really creamy considering it’s a Matte formula. 

Russian Red looks completely breath taking no matter what the rest of your face look likes, and when it’s paired with a cat eye it creates the perfect retro night and day look. I would highly recommend this lipstick to absolutely everyone. Once again it’s a lipstick that would look beautiful on various skin tones and types, and because it’s a blue tone red which makes your teeth look like pearls, how can you complain? 

Also apologies for the application of some of the darker shades. As i didn’t want to use any lipliners as I wanted to show the colours true to the swatches. So apologies for them looks abysmal. 

4) Diva / MAC Matte 

Such a beautiful dark burgundy red, definitely more of an evening lipstick than an every day. Although I have worn it for both because It’s very rare that I’m out of a night time and not sleeping. This lipstick certainly is a lot more Matte than Russian Red. However it apples really creamy, it dries reasonably matte and can dry out the lips after an hour or so, but by simply applying a lip balm or some Vaseline before applying this makes the lipstick look so much more creamy.  Although it’s a deep vampy red it is wearable of a day time depending on how minimal your eye make-up is. 

However the picture doesn’t really show how dark this red is due to the lighting being to bright (Grr) but this is a really dark red, the hand swatch probably shows it a lot better. Certainly a lipstick that can take a lot of effort to maintain, however it’s worth it. 

5) Rebel / MAC Satin 

Rebel was the first ever MAC lipstick I ever purchased, so it will always have a special place in my make-up collection. Rebel looks heart wrenchingly terrifying the the tube, as it looks like an almost black purple, however when on the lips it’s a purple with quite a lot of pink undertones that make it a lot more wearable. 

Once again the lighting really didn’t do the lipstick justice as it made it look a lot more red than it actually is. I would recommend this lipstick for Deep Pink lipstick lovers who want something a bit different and vampy for the evening or even for every day if you’re feeling a bold lip. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you in any way, 



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