18 Going On 80

What better way to start my 18th year of life, as well as 2014 than with a spot of afternoon tea! What better place than the adorable traditional Cuthberts Bakehouse Tea Rooms! This hidden treasure located on Mount Pleasant just outside Liverpool’s city centre, was indeed the perfect afternoon treat after the hectic December festivities.

Considering the Cafe wasn’t in the heaving centre of town, it was fairly busy, however the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. How can you not feel welcomed with fairy lights and floral bunting hanging on the walls? it practically impossible! Four adorable tea cups of tea later I’d practically fallen in love with the place, especially after they’d played a handful of Arctic Monkeys songs.  I could have practically set up camp and lived there quite happily.  

As you can probably tell most of the reviews I post on my blog are me praising to the high heavens, and It usually doesn’t take a lot to amaze me, however I can’t praise this place enough. Delicious tea, cakes, scones and sandwiches, If you can find room to complain about this place then you must be the Queen.



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