Sealed With A Kiss

For me, Winter make up is all about the eyes and lips! A simple cat flick and a statement lip, such a stable look all year round, however it’s a look that you literally can’t go wrong with in the Winter! 

So here’s some of my top lipsticks to brighten up the Winter days from the high street to the high end

1) Maybeline Baby lips in Peach kiss 

Even though winter is the season for the dark vampy lips, I think it’s vital to have a lip barm at the ready to save your lips from the brisk winter winds. This particular Baby lips hydrates your lips whilst adding a very pretty and natural peach tint, so perfect for the days when you feel like making no effort at all,which is most days during the Winter 

2) MAC – Russian Red 

However Mac lipsticks may been seen as over priced by many. I genuinely think a lot of their lip products are worth the heavy £15 price tag.  Russian Red is genuinely the best red lipstick I have ever worn, and I’ve worked my way through a lot of red lipsticks. It glides on so smoothly and velvety. However through the day it slowly dries to the lip. Even though the lipstick dries it does not budge or dry the lips. It’s so long lasting and I really can’t praise it enough! Such a beautiful warm tone red 

3) Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick – 01 

This is one of the satin finish lipsticks by the wonder women that is Kate Moss. The colour is rather similar to Mac’s Russian Red, however they have very different finishes. This lipstick has a more glossy and hydrating finish and does my last as long as Mac, however for less than half the price of the Mac lipstick, I literally cannot complain. Such a lovely bright red which is amazingly hydrating and brightens up any look instantly! 

4) MAC – Rebel 

I literally cannot express my love for the purple Vampy lip enough! Such a change from my ever loved red lip. Anyone who writes a blog or follows blogs will know how praised and beautiful this lipstick is. It’s a beautiful purple with pinky undertones which really brightens the deep purple making it more wearable. If you’re debating on whether to try a purple lip I really do recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of bold lips. Rebel will take your fancy, don’t let how dark and dooming it looks in the tube scare you away, it’s a lot pinker and brighter when on the lip. 

4) Rimmel Kate Moss – 107 

It’s probably obvious how much I love the Kate Moss Rimmel range. But they’re such a good quality for the price. 107 is one of the Matte lipsticks. The only con about this lipstick is it is quite drying however I guess it’s going to be different on any one, but this can simply be fixed by putting on lip barm before applying. This lipstick is literally perfect for the festive season, such a pretty dark red that reminds me of Christmas so much. There’s nothing better than a Matte red lip on winter, mostly because your hair doesn’t stick to it when it’s windy…



    • Abbie Whitehead
      January 9, 2014 / 12:52 PM

      It's amazing isn't it!

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