An Uneasy Subject.

The subject this blog post is about is a subject that I genuinely don’t think is considered or possibly spoken about in the majority of people’s lives. The subject is suicide.  Apologies for the black mist subject,  but I just don’t think the effects both before and after the incident are spoken about publicly as much as they should be.

In my short life time there as been two people ,who have once played special roles in my life, that have sadly ended their own lives. Both for very different reasons. I’m not going to delve to much into the reasons due to the fact these people were once close to me as a child and I just don’t feel as though it’s respectful for me to post about them in particular on the Internet. 

What I’m trying to get at with this post is that we all play a part in someone else’s life. Whether it be a big part or a small part,  our actions and words can still effect people in a multitude of ways.  For example saying “you’re so skinny” to someone with anorexia. Even though you didn’t know that person had an eating disorder you’ve still said something that effects them in ways that are unthinkable.  The point is that people should think about what they’re actually saying.  What may seem like a harmless comment to you,  could mean something completely different to someone else.  You don’t know what’s occurring in other people’s lives; depression, anxiety and disorders aren’t things that people who suffer from are going to discuss with every person that walks their way.

Let’s just take ourselves back to Primary school days, when people thought it was funny to laugh at people with ‘odd’ body shapes or sizes, or people with glasses or even ginger hair.  All those comments you’ve made,  even in a jokingly way, have still effected that persons confidence and how they veiw themselves as individuals. Every comment that is made piles itself up until it’s too much and they break. However bring yourself back to the present and think of that happening to you every day of your life.

I know that suicide isn’t just based on bullying and the odd childish name call. I’m just slowly trying to explain the points in a simple format. Okay, so, people who are having suocidal thoughts are utterly consumed by these thoughts,  these thoughts follow them wherever they go. Sometimes these thoughts can easily by camouflaged by fake smiles or laughs,  but they’re always there. Just like every little “you’re so skinny” or “you’re an attention seeker” is always there,  even if it’s subconsciously at the back of their minds.  We all have the ability to effect someone without us even giving it a second thought. 

Just like how they don’t give their life q second thought when they’re ending it. They’re to consumed by their tragic thoughts to consider the effects its going to have on their families or friends. Having being one of those people left horrifically gob smacked by the news of a suicide. You can’t help wonder how they came to that final decision. 
The thought of that person feeling so isolated by their own thoughts hits me on the heart.

To conclude this post as I could honestly talk about such a subject for a good while.  The point of this is everyone has an effect on someone else, even those who commit suicide have an effect on other people’s lives. An effect that wasn’t even thought about before their decision. If you’re reading this and you’re feeling isolated and suicidal,  I’m telling you know from someone who’s seen the effects its had on mothers, fathers,  family and friends. Please talk to someone. Please think of the things you’ve done to benefit someone’s life,  it could be anything.  Someone loves you and cares about you and you making that decision will effect them,  immensely. 


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