Monkey Madness

Thought it was about time I spoke about something music related on my blog, considering music is one of the subjects I could talk about for countless hours on end. 

So recently I went to see the beauties that are Arctic Monkeys live in Liverpool’s Echo Arena. I genuinely cannot put into words how spectacular it was. It was certainly obvious that the budget for this tour had been upgraded, with their fancy lights and stage set up. Considering the last time I had seen the band live they had a simple black curtain and I few spotlights.  But to be honest I think I was concentrating on trying to hold my spot at the barrier as well as attempting to gaze into Alex Turners eyes whilst he sang to me (he didn’t) however my life is a lot brighter if I let myself believe that he did.
I feel as though the only way I can somewhat sum up the experience is by saying it was so amazing and I was so wrapped up in the moment, that when I got home I had completely forgotten most of the songs they played and had to sit down and reflect on the experience, in order for my mind to comprehend (I’m not dramatic I swear)

I think the set list was well thought out. Such a  perfect balance of the old and new, and of course the Lou Reed tribute had me near tears (as he had sadly passed away the day before the gig) I genuinely applaud the band for their music and how they put on a show,  or maybe I should just thank Alex Turner’s dad style dance moves for the entertainment value. 

If you ever have the chance to see Arctic Monkeys live than take the opportunity with both hands, even if you don’t like that kind of music very much,  I promise you won’t regret it. The only thing I regret is standing right in front of the confetti cannon and getting a mouth full of silver foil.

Arctic Monkeys amazing as ever, step aside if you think I’m biased (I probably am)


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