I love Monki!

So, last weekend I ordered 2 new pairs of Chelsea boots, after my mother was being the devil on my shoulder and telling me to buy 2 pairs as there was a 25% off Discount for that weekend, so unfortunate for you if you missed it. I got 2 pairs of £35 boots for £58 including delivery. Now that’s a deal.

If you know me personally than you would know that I am practically obsessed with anything that is cute or antique looking. The box that the boots were sent in is genuinely the most adorable box ever, it would be like throwing a Kitten away- too far?

This is the first time that I’ve ever ordered from this store before and I usually HATE waiting for deliveries to arrive (Still waiting for the technology to come along were I can put my hand in the screen and instant buy the items)
anyway, I personally thought that the package was going to be delivered from London as I just automatically assumed that the store was based there. However when I checked the order it was sent from Hamburg. HAMBURG. Considering the package was sent from Hamburg 4 days is rather extraordinary so props to Monki and remarkably fast delivery service..

If you’re a super fan of ankle boots like I am and absolutely wear boots to death, then I would recommend giving Monki Boots a try. I am genuinely shocked at how good quality these boots are for he price. I’m a size 3/4 however I purchased a size 4 hoping they’d fit better, which they do. The extra toe room is perfect for Winter as well, as this means you layer up socks and tights for toastie toes, or with none if that floats your boat.

I can’t wait to start wearing these boots with outfits this Autumn/Winter. Is it just me that gets this excited about boots? Probably.



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