‘AM’ – Arctic Monkeys Album Review.

‘AM’ has certainly been the high point for any Arctic Monkeys fan this year. For some reason it feels as though the run up to this album has been more elongated than with their previous albums. Probably because throughout the past 2 years Fans have been teased with ‘R U Mine?’ And ‘Electricity’ that the band released for Record Store Day in April of 2012, it was almost like a warning to fans that an album was on the horizon.

Front man of the band Alex Turner has spoken of the album claiming that he saw it as more of a studio album, rather than an album that can be played straight in front of a crowd, which is definitely something I agree with. The interesting thing about this album is that each track is significantly different to one another. ‘AM’ plays with many different textures and layers, with tracks like ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ And ‘R U Mine?’ Bringing back the well loved heavier Arctic Monkeys sound, ‘sexy’ guitar and bass riffs included of course. However there’s something really soft and slick about this album, if Outer Space did rock and roll than this album would be it.

I don’t know whether its just me or is it that you can almost hear the American influence in this album, especially in ‘One For The Road’ and ‘Snap Out Of it’. For some reason these songs just remind me of a Californian highway- Which thankfully they aren’t singing about.

However ‘AM’ holds many new elements to the bands music I think it works in a way that shows how far the band have come from playing small intimate gigs in old geezer clubs in Sheffield. The album is as sleek and shiny as Alex’s well greased quiff.

‘AM’ also features a very customised cover of John Cooper Clarkes ‘I Wanna Be Yours’  which I think is one of the most well planned covers that I’ve ever heard of this track. Alex’s voice suits it perfectly as well Nick O’Malley and Matt Helders providing slick falsetto backing vocals that I just can’t get enough of. 

A clear favourite of mine from the Album has got to be ‘Arabella’  it’s Slick and rocky and the multitude of textures in this song play with my ears in a way that no other song does on this particular album. With ‘Knee Socks’ sailing in as a close second. It’s clear that I can’t get enough of the sexiness and sleekness that has latched itself onto the band, and of course the album. Maybe this is something that’s been with the band for a long time but I think it’s effortless in this album. This album definitely highlights the band admitting “Yeah we are fucking cool” they’ve even took it as far as going hip-hop on us with “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” the catchy track provides a head bopping hip-hop bass line which I can’t quite get enough off- Obviously the track still withholds it’s rock elements but definitely some solid ‘Hip-Hop vibes’ 

If you’ve been living in the Amish country and not heard the new Album or heard any of their music what so ever. Then I strongly recommend you do, or don’t. You’re the one missing out on this one.


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