Easy Everyday Hairstyles!

1) This is probably my most worn hairstyle. As my hair is naturally really straight and reasonably flat, I use ‘Shockwaves – Go Matte Clay’ to add texture and volume to my hair. I apply it to my hair by putting a small amount onto my finger tips and scrunching my hair upwards to create a beachy ‘no effort’ look. I also apply a very small amount of the clay to the roots of my hair so that more volume is added at the top of my hair. I don’t put any of the clay into my fringe as I blow dry my fringe with a medium blow dry brush, so any more volume I’d look like a shaved poodle. 

2) This hairstyle is insanely easy! I simply flip my head over so that I can easily grab every strand of hair from the top and bottom of my head and then tie it into a bobble and add some more Shockwaves Go Matte Clay for some extra volume in the pony tail. Once the pony tail is in place I then gently puIll at my hair so that it looks messy and ‘worn’. The pink bow scrunchie is from New Look and was about £4 for a set of two and the Peach bow was £9 from American Apparel and is available in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

3) I seen a hairstyle very similar to this worn by Ali in the Notebook as I was more interested in her adorable 50’s hairstyles than the actual film. For this hairstyle I took a small section of hair from the side of my hair and twisted them and clipped them in place, but when clipping them in place i slightly pushed the twirl forwards so that it was visible from the front of the head and so it didn’t look really pulled back and uncomfortable

4) I’ve been seeing a-lot of this type of hairstyle recently, however people have been wearing the two buns at the top of their heads which I think would take a lot of courage to wear out and about, which is a type of courage that I lack. Therefore I decided to put the buns at the bottom of my head. Firstly, I very messily parted my hair and twisted the two sections of my hair in to separate buns and tied them in place. Once tying them in place I pulled at the buns slightly and put a few hair grips in so the felt more secure. I then gently pulled at the roots of my hair so there was more volume at the top of my head. The messier the buns look, the better. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, trying to try various things to see what direction I want to take this blog in.

Thank you so much to everyone who has just had a quick look at my blog as I have recently had over 500 views from places all over the world which is absolutely incredible! 

Thank you SO much!


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