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Abigail Sophia Whitehead 
21| Liverpool,UK

Blush & Noise has been my little corner of the internet for the past 3 years! Blush & Noise is basically my public therapist, I talk anything from personal style, beauty, music and even lifestyle and mental health, it's a place where my voice is heard (or read) with the intent of inspiring others, no matter what the subject may be! Despite being no beauty or fashion guru, I have a keen interest in it, i'm all about testing new things out, trial and error and all the jazz, and of course I share what I'm loving, using & wearing here on Blush & Noise! 


I am a Liverpool based and born fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger - As you can probably tell! I'm a lover of all things 60's, 70's inspired and of course, we all love a bit of the 90's as I'm a self confessed chocker addict with an overflowing wardrobe and a collection of lipsticks that are all similar colours - Yep, I'm that kind of girl! A major hoarder and scatter brain, however I like to think they're traits of a creative mind!

I currently study TV and Radio at university, which is interesting and all, but although it sounds so pretentious, it's fashion and beauty were my priorities lie, I think over the past few years my love for both has gotten stronger as I've begun to expand my mind within them - This just got really deep didn't it? 

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  1. Hey there! I'm currently starting up blogging and I am really curious as to what theme you're using? I understand it's come from pipdig but what specific style is it? Thanks so much!


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