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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Autumn has finally arrived! The leaves are falling from the trees and the cold air has finally arrived. If you haven't guessed yet, Autumn is my favourite season! I love the warm colours of the leaves falling from the trees, the big jumpers and of course, a good Autumnal lipstick to accompany it all! It's time to shake it up in terms of lipsticks, get rid of those vibrant Summer hues and say hello to the vampy lips and brown nudes! 

I actually did a Autumn Lipstick Wardrobe last year, however this year I've decided to share lipstick within various budgets and add in some Autumn appropriate nudes! As last year, it was all about the bold and the vampy, however since then I've became a complete nude lipstick addict, it's in my veins now and there was no chance that I'd be ditching the nude lipsticks when it came to the Autumn! 

So, here's some Autumnal lipsticks to appeal to all your needs and also your budget! There's some cheap and cheerful ones and of course, some high end gems if you're wanting to treat yourself this season! 


KIKO is an amazing brand if you're wanting something that's budget friendly however still does a more than decent job! This lipstick is from their Rebel Romantics range which was launched around this time last year! The lipstick collection is VERY Autumnal indeed, this is the shade 06, for some reason this shade isn't currently on their website however the other shades are still there, which are all screaming, shout and waving Autumn at me, they've got the berry tones on lock down! 


This is a shade that I was also obsessed with last year, however my love for this lipstick still applies. This colour is the perfect deep red, It brought back my love for red lipsticks. If you've been a follower of my blog for some time now, you will know that I had a MASSIVE red lipstick phase! This shade is really comfortable, I find that with darker matte shades they tend to be really drying and feel really heavy on the lips, considering the price this lipstick isn't overly drying or heavy, it's not perfect however for the price and the beautiful deep red shade, there's no complaints here! 


I'm a long time lover on Mac's Velvet Teddy and although I think it's the perfect shade no matter what the occasion or season however I always tend to gravitate towards it during the Autumn, I usually pair it will Mac's 'Spice' lipliner and it's just the most perfect combination and it just lasts all day. I feel like you always need a good go-to that just can't go wrong and that goes with every eye makeup look. This is my combination and I do think Mac lipsticks are worth their price tag and their colour range and variation of formulas is incredible. 


It's more than obvious by now that I freaking LOVE the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks they're absolutely incredible and I just can't help but crave collecting them all! Bow 'n' Arrow is the perfect Autumn nude! It's a fawn brown shade and it just works so well for this season. I think sometimes an overly bold lip can be a bit of a hassle however this is a very safe bold shade, it just adds such a cool vibe to every look and the formula is one to recognise! 


You're probably thinking that £23 for a lipstick is a bit excessive however it's SO worth it. The formula of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks are like no other, they're such a creamy matte that really doesn't dry out the lips of cling to any dry areas what-so-ever. I've been such a fan of these lipsticks for such a long time and I love when the season comes for me to finally wear Glastonberry again, it such a rich and beautiful dark purple/berry. This colour looks incredible on so many skin tones which is why I think it's such a good lipsticks to have in your collection. If you're wanting to channel those vampy/goth vibes this Autumn, this is the lipstick that you need in your life.  

So, there you have it your Autumn lipstick wardrobe is complete and no matter what your budget may be you can have the perfect Autumn shade! Make sure you check back for more Autumn themed make-up posts as there's some exciting ones coming your way very soon! 

See you next week, 


  1. These are really great lippies I have always wanted to try the Kat Von D lipsticks

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. i keep seeing glastonberry popping up everywhere i really want to give it a try! great picks!
    jen / velvet spring

  3. Such a lovely post - this has reminded me that I really need to pick up some berry shades asap, I love the look of the Maybelline offering!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Wow gorgeous picks! They're all so Autumnal. Glastonberry is on my wishlist! :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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